Jones Street is the home of garden designer Sharon Harris and family. This blog is dedicated to journaling how we live large, making the most of our garden, our time, and each other on our small block.
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A small home does not mean living small.

We have added only one room on since we moved in, literally stuck on the back.

Maximizing outdoor space while gaining one living room was the goal.  We still have one bathroom, one toilet.  The bathroom is still in the middle of the house.  When I say to my kids we have a small house, they say our house is big.  It is a small house in comparison to houses of today, but it feels big, it feels like just enough.  The garden is what makes it feel big – one third house, two-thirds garden. 

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Creating Jones St. is part journal and part shop curated by garden designer, Sharon Harris. It’s a space to document daily and seasonal life of a family in an urban environment. A life led by appreciating and valuing the process of living in the present, being mindful of the materials we use to live, and how we balance a productive, handmade life with a very busy, successful small business. Our business and family life unfolds from our home at Jones Street in Melbourne’s beautiful suburb of Thornbury, and we want to share that with you.

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