Wire Cloche


When I saw these Cloches I was immediately sold on them. In 27 years of veggie gardening I have had a constant battle with birds eating seed that has been sown, nibbling & sometimes devouring entire salad leaves, scratching through pea straw looking for bugs & worms & in the process covering up young seedlings.   I have discovered that rats love Coriander & Italian Parsley, amongst other things.

Over the years I have had so many systems in place to protect my produce gardening endeavours that I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the effort to untangle bird netting, find pegs lost in the garden, peg it down, then do the reverse when I want to harvest. But I have carried on every year with this process as my love of veggie gardening & fresh produce is paramount.

Then I saw these wire cloches, and all I could see was the ease of them. Lift on &  lift off.