Warre Beehives are a bee friendly way to keep bees.  Our Warre Bee Hives are 4 boxes high.  They are made in St Andrews, Victoria from Cypressus macrocarpa that has been ethically sourced in Gippsland, Victoria from old, damaged or redundant windbreak. 

Warre Hives are smaller than the more common Langstroth Hive, they are more about the health of the bee colony and less about honey production.  Although the honey that is harvested from a Warre Hive has a more lively and complex taste I think than that from a Langstroth hive.  Warre Hives are more in keeping with the size of a beehive in nature.  The way they are designed with the empty boxes placed underneath the brood box is reflective of how a bee hive behaves in the wild.

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